art and design

aarya2 resin art - abstract art on clear acrylic

if you are looking for artwork for your boardroom, foyer/entrance or reception area then consider an original aarya2 artwork

you can backlight, highlight or mount within a wall niche

choose your style and size then have it made to transform your corporate image

aarya2 commercial applications

aarya2 for the home

whether in your lounge, stairwell or your alfresco area, aarya2 artworks are stunning

choose from premade pieces or have one made to suit your space

aarya2 resin art certainly makes a statement!


HEGS Australia is proud to hang a piece of custom designed art from 'aarya2' and it's creator Erika Edwards in our 'HEGquarters' boardroom. It provides not only a talking point, it also provides the innovation angle we are always in search of.

Scott Boocock

CEO and Founder of HEGS Australia

Most recent display

2020 Patritti Brighton Jetty Sculptures
January 22 to February 2, 2020
Brighton Beach, South Australia

2018 Finalist

aarya2 owner Erika Edwards was one the finalists in the Vivid Design Competition at the 2018 Décor & Design Show in Melbourne.

Best known for her resin artwork, Erika has now created great interest in her light sculptures.

2019 New Sculptures

adding to her artwork, Erika took part in the Brighton Jetty Sculptures Exhibition with both artwork and a huge 2.4m dandelion.

2020 Back to Brighton

there was great interest (& orders) after one

of her artworks was hung above the stairwell

at the Brighton Jetty Sculptures

Exhibition. check out the photo in the Gallery! 

although it doesn't show the details,

it certainly highlights the artwork


Did you know

aarya2 artwork is 100% waterproof 

so it's great for wet areas, pergolas,

patios etc.